Andrew Phillips Cliq

Recognizing a need, and then figuring out a solution, are two traits of highly-successful people. Both are certainly true of Cliq’s Andrew Phillips, who would go on to launch a new way for employers to pay their workers while cutting out the physical paycheck from the process. What began as a way to automate the antiquated manual check processing industry would grow into a tool used by employers across the country.

For Mr. Phillips, the road to success started in the early 1980s when he began working in the payment processing industry. Aided by a talented team, Mr. Phillips would go on to develop automated check authorization and would eventually see that technology expand to make debit and credit card transactions faster and more efficient for merchants across the country. Seeing that technology naturally leant itself to services needed by supermarkets, Mr. Phillips’ technology through his company Integrated Transaction Services would be instrumental in the expansion of electronic benefits cards as part of the beta sponsored by the US Government. After selling his company in 1996, he created an Internet-based payment company called Payment Resources International (PRI) and continued to learn and grow within the industry. In 2004 Mr. Phillips sold PRI. During his tenure with the group PRI was acquired by, he was hand-picked for the role of division president to manage and build one of he largest portfolio’s of merchants in the country. Mr. Phillip’s career would continue to see new successes until he opted to take his knowledge and apply it to yet another effort. In 2007, Andrew Phillips founded Cardflex and changed the way that employers could compensate their workers. That’s because through Cardflex, Andrew Phillips determined that employers could issue pre-paid Visa cards containing funds from paychecks or tips. In the past decade, the company has grown to be able to offer “a full suite of prepaid products and solutions that provides a platform capable of serving almost any industry,” Cardflex’s former principal Andrew Phillips said recently.

CardFlex  also offers corporate cards, general purpose reloadable cards and incentive cards as additional ways to meet business client needs.

The company recently rebranded to Cliq (as Phillips believes “cards” are a legacy product and soon, all transactions will take place with a Cliq, and successes and innovation continued. One of those innovations is a cutting age automated clearing house (ACH) process; the company has developed a solution that has changed the way hundreds of thousands of people pay their rent monthly.

While his contributions to the financial field are greatly appreciated by those who have to keep tabs on transactions, Cliq’s Andrew Phillips wasn’t content with simply making corporate contributions. He also served as Vice Chair of the Orange County, California’s Make-A-Wish Foundation, Served on the Board of Directors at Pacific Mercantile Bank, served on the Board of Directors on the Orange County Alzheimer’s Association and currently serves a Director on the Board of The Orangewood Foundation.